Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietphái nam is one of those rare products where if it simply works as promised — or gets even marginally cthảm bại — it’s a crowd pleaser.

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DICE ran into some temporary technical issues with online multiplayer in Battlefield 1943 và Bad Company 2 right around each game’s launch, causing me khổng lồ be more than a little nervous for the just-released multiplayer-only Vietphái mạnh expansion, but that’s thankfully not the case here (for the most part).

And, guess what? The crowds seem to be mighty pleased with this one.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietphái nam (Xbox LIVE , PlayStation Network, PC)Developer: DICEPublisher: Electronic ArtsReleased: December 18 for PC / December 21 for consolesMSRP: $14.99

It’s surprising to lớn me that Vietnam was released as an expansion rather than a standalone product. Because really, all of the parts are there: new maps, weapons, vehicles, voice-overs, and even a 49-tuy nhiên soundtraông xã are what you’ll find.

But no, this nội dung gets its own little thực đơn directly inside of Bad Company 2, complete with “Fortunate Son” by CCR. Perhaps the decision has to bởi with all of your multiplayer statistics & progression, which are shared between the core game & this expansion. If you had all of the class gear unlocked in BC2, you’ll have the ’60s-era counterparts in Vietphái nam, too, minus whatever items wouldn’t make sense for the period.

I’m glad DICE went this way, & I’m also glad that all four modes — Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush, & Squad Deathmatch — are playable on all four (soon khổng lồ be five) multiplayer maps. Each platkhung will get the final map once its players build up a collective sầu 69 million team actions (spotting, reviving, etc.).

I’ve heard reports that some people are having their unlocks & rank remix, which isn’t entirely surprising considering prior Battlefield launches. I haven’t personally run inkhổng lồ anything that dramatic, but some of my statistics for medals & things of that nature don’t appear to lớn be updating accurately.


The modes themselves are virtually identical khổng lồ what BC2 fans are used to lớn, which is definitely not a negative. You st& by a flag to capture it, or you arm radio communication rigs with explosives; y’all know the drill by now. These rule sets define what Battlefield is, so why change ’em?

The maps, on the other h&, are a departure from the norm. At the moment, Hill 137 is my favorite. It’s got grimy tunnels và trenches, but best of all, one side of the map is a blackened, flame-covered forest — or, what used to be a forest. It’s an iconic look, much lượt thích the gorgeous terraces of Vantage Point.

All of the maps are breathtaking, and for me, easily the best part of Vietnam. I’m struggling to lớn rethành viên which one it was, but one of the maps had this massive, intricate waterfall system off in the distance. Hopefully everyone will take a quiông chồng break from the action lớn kiểm tra out the views from time lớn time. They’re worth an occasional in-game death, no question.

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The one negative I do want to point out is that some of the steep terrain is deceptive. You’ll see a pile of rocks or ledge that you should, in theory, be able khổng lồ scale, but instead you’re left temporarily stuck on or around it. That’s just one example, & based on my playtime, I’m far from the only person lớn fall for this trickery. However, none of this is lớn say the màn chơi thiết kế itself is bad; it’s quite good, actually.


The other noteworthy addition for me was the flamethrower, which is unbelievably satisfying to lớn wield. Much lượt thích the rest of DICE’s great audio work, the hiss it lets out is top notch. Plus, you can totally destroy parts of the environment with it, và that’s always a plus.

And finally, there’s the presentation. Before và after each battle, an overview is given in the style of a news report as if the virtual conflict you are fighting is, in fact, really happening right this moment. It’s a nice touch, and it really makes the difference; DICE didn’t just release some new maps & weapon skins and điện thoại tư vấn it a day here.

As far as the in-game experience is concerned, vehicles & loudspeakers will play the sort of rockin’ tunes you’d expect. From inside of the former, you can manually switch between songs. So, naturally, Vietphái mạnh players can expect to lớn hear a lot of “Ride of the Valkyries” & the aforementioned “Fortunate Son” as they rush in, guns blazing. Nothing wrong with that.


Basically, if you are an active sầu Battlefield player, or are looking for an excuse to rejoin the ranks, getting Vietnam is a no-brainer. The expansion feels fresh, both in terms of the locales và how the older weaponry has pushed combat to lớn be more in-your-face.

The same level of care and attention to lớn detail you would find in one of DICE’s retail offerings has been put inkhổng lồ all aspects of Vietnam giới. It’s not uncomtháng to see studquả táo put their “B” team on downloadable content, but it sure doesn’t feel as if that was the case here.

I suppose it would’ve sầu been nice khổng lồ see some more experimentation in terms of modes or mechanics, although the chất lượng of what’s included is high enough that you can hardly complain too much. I suspect DICE will support Vietphái nam through balancing, updates, và possibly even more maps.

No matter what does or doesn’t happen, though, there’s no reason not to dive into lớn this expansion immediately.