longmon.vn ZenScreen cảm biến MB16AMT USB portable monitor — 15.6-inch, IPS, Full HD, 10-point cảm biến, Built-in Battery, Hybrid Signal Solution, USB Type-C, Micro-HDMI, Compatible with Laptops, Smartphones, Gaming Consoles, & Cameras
15.6-inch Full HD portable IPS display with an ultraslim 9 mm profile và weighing just 0.9 kilogam Responsive and intuitive sầu input with 10-point touch functionality supports high-productivity multitasking Powerful built-in 7800 mAh battery provides up to lớn four hours of use Hybrid-signal USB-C and micro-HDXiaoMI ports provide versatile connectivity with smartphones, laptops, game consoles, cameras, tablets & more Foldable smart case can be turned inkhổng lồ a stand lớn prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape mode


Tap into productivity

longmon.vn ZenScreen™ cảm biến MB16AMT is a sllặng & lightweight portable monitor with a large 7800mAh built-in battery designed khổng lồ take your sản phẩm điện thoại productivity to lớn new heights. Its responsive and intuitive sầu 10-point touch screen supports swipe, scroll, drag & pinch gestures to help you get tasks done more efficiently. It also delivers a precise touch experience with the innovative sầu ZenScreen cảm ứng phầm mềm, which lets you display & control apps from your Android phone for a large-screen productivity boost. Hybrid-signal USB-C™ và micro-HDXiaoMi MI connectivity enables displaying content from a wide-range of portable devices, so you can enjoy an expansive sầu view for the best work & entertainment experiences, wherever you go.

Intuitive sầu fingertip control

With its interactive 10-point touch screen, ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT offers a highly accurate, responsive sầu, and seamless touch experience*, enabling you to lớn edit documents, draw on slides or play games with your fingertips. It is Windows 10 compatible, allowing you lớn work smarter & more efficiently.

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* 10-point touch function will depover on the operating system. You may refer to lớn the Specification page for more details.

Enjoy a larger canvas for your phone apps

The exclusive sầu ZenScreen cảm biến phầm mềm lets you view and control your Android* phone using the larger screen of ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT. In addition lớn providing a more comfortable view of any nội dung, this larger scale is perfect for complex tasks such as editing documents, photos, and đoạn Clip.


*The longmon.vn ZenScreen cảm ứng tiện ích works on Android 6.0 và later versions. Device must support Host Storage mode & HID multi-touch function. ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT has been tested and works with the following danh sách of Android devices.

**Playback of certain DRM-protected content or apps could be limited khổng lồ Android devices, and may not be played on external devices. If you have paid media content on your device, it is possible the tiện ích may limit its viewing to lớn your portable device only.

Hybrid-signal USB-C & micro-HDXiaoMI connectivity

Featuring hybrid-signal USB-C™ & micro-HDXiaoMi MI connectivity, ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT lets you display nội dung from a wide variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, game consoles, cameras & tablets, providing a more expansive sầu view for work or play. It features an innovative hybrid-signal solution with native support for USB Type-C connections & uses an installed driver to lớn support USB Type-A* connectors for full compatibility. The reversible, any-way-up USB-C design enables quichồng, hassle-free connection khổng lồ any device.

*DisplayLink driver required for hybrid-signal connections via USB Type-A.

Built-in speakers & 7800mAh battery

With two integrated speakers, ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT enhances your audiovisual experiences, wherever you are. It also features a built-in 7800mAh battery that delivers up khổng lồ four hours* of operation on a single charge. With its own battery, ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT doesn"t drain the power of the connected device. This allows you to work longer or watch more videos while travelling. When it"s time to lớn recharge, Quick Charge 3.0 giải pháp công nghệ doubles the battery-charging tốc độ compared to lớn general adapters, ensuring minimal downtime. *When in DisplayPort alt mode with 100% brightness setting With a USB 3.0 connection, the battery life is around three hours.

IPS panel with a wide 178° viewing angle

ZenScreen™ MB16AMT features a Full HD panel that delivers stunning 19trăng tròn x 1080 resolution visuals. It uses IPS công nghệ lớn give sầu you more flexibility when extending your screen, so you still get superb color and contrast - even from extreme viewing positions.

Sleek and ultra-portable with an inspired design

ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT is ideal for all road warriors. Even with its premium metal baông xã cover, it weighs just 0.9kilogam, & its ultraslyên 9mm protệp tin ensures it fits easily in any travel bag.

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Foldable Smart Case

An innovative foldable smart case protects ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT from dust & scratches. The case can be folded into a st& to lớn prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape orientation. ZenScreen cảm ứng MB16AMT also features a smart pen hole on its bottom corner, where you can insert a pen to lớn prop the screen up when not using the smart case.

Automatic screen orientation

With longmon.vn DisplayWidget software*, ZenScreen™ cảm biến MB16AMT can automatically sense its orientation và switch the display between landscape & portrait modes while connecting khổng lồ the laptop. Landscape mode is ideal for presentations và spreadsheets, while Portrait mode gives you a perfect view of items such as documents, books or websites.

*Driver required. Auto lớn Rotate function only works with Windows OS

longmon.vn Ultra-Low Blue Light technology

longmon.vn Ultra-Low Blue Light technology protects you from harmful xanh light emissions. It offers four blue-light filter settings that are easily accessible through the on-screen display thực đơn.


longmon.vn Flicker-free technology

ZenScreen cảm biến MB16AMT features TÜV Rheinland-certified longmon.vn Flicker-miễn phí technology khổng lồ reduce screen flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience. This công nghệ helps minimize instances of eyestrain và other potential negative sầu effects that may occur when spending long hours in front of a display.

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