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aSmart way-findingMuseums, department stores, transport networks, airports and other mass footfall terminals have traditionally offered static way-finding solutions: a map và an arrow showing where you are; and are reliant on the user then finding their own way to their destination.

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One example on display at the Expo showed Google Maps enabled in a live display. Using embedded NFC công nghệ, a user is able to find where they are; where they want to go; và instantly transfer the route to lớn their điện thoại for turn-by-turn directions by touching it against the display. City centre way-finding và tourist information hubs could be revolutionised with this type of smart way-finding.All-in-one solutionsSystem on a chip displays have been around for a few years, offering in-built media players without the need for an external PC driving the display. Plug & play displays can automatically detect & play a variety of commonly used truyền thông file formats from a USB stick inserted in the rear. Now super high resolution displays are available with 4K supporting truyền thông media players, meaning more dynamic and compelling nội dung can be readily displayed. The shear number of options now available for users when it comes to video, audio, và image tệp tin formats means creating content for digital signage is becoming easier và more flexible.

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Smart synchronisationIn the office environment, new hardware & software technologies are being used in unison khổng lồ make meetings và conferencing more dynamic. Software lượt thích Schedulla và GoGet have become increasingly popular for corporate digital signage – enabling corporations to synchronise employee calendars with displays within meeting rooms. These then shows meeting attendees; whether the room is free or not; how long the meeting is scheduled for và other important information.
One test at the Digital Signage Expo even showed how digital signage for office booking can be synched with a smart lighting system, such as the Philips HUE, to show a room green if it’s available or red if it’s booked.
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