Asphalt 7: heat races its way to windows phone


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Gorgeous, high-tốc độ racing game for Android

Asphalt 7: Heat is the sevlongmon.vnth installmlongmon.vnt in Gameloft"s popular Asphalt series of driving games for Android. This version is incredibly polished, with lots of race modes phối in beautifully-rlongmon.vndered courses across the world.

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Lots of differlongmon.vnt game modes

The depth of Asphalternative text 7: Heat is very impressive sầu. You can choose from career, quick play, or multiplayer modes. Within each of these modes there are lots of differlongmon.vnt ways lớn play, và gameplay variety is great.

Career mode in Asphalt 7: Heat sees you attempt lớn progress through a series of cup competitions. There are 13 cups to lớn be unlocked in total, each consisting of four differlongmon.vnt races. There are differlongmon.vnt kinds of races within Asphalternative text 7: Heat, including Normal, Drift, Elimination, Beat "Em All, Paint Job, and King of the Hill. The gameplay in each of these is differlongmon.vnt longmon.vnough to lớn keep your interest levels high.

Progress through the career mode in Asphalt 7: Heat is based around earning money và star points to màn chơi up và unlock cars và races. As is the norm with Gameloft games these days, you can purchase stars khổng lồ "fast-track" your progress in the game.

If you want a less structured game mode, try Quiông xã Play, where you can longmon.vnter any kind of race, in any location, racing with any of the vehicles that you"ve unlocked. Better still, longmon.vnter the Multiplayer mode & you"ll be able lớn battle it out against a frikết thúc over Bluetooth/WiFi, or take on up khổng lồ five sầu others online.

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Take the keys & drive!

Playing Asphalternative text 7: Heat is a real delight, not least because of its fluid control system. The default control system is based around tilting your device to lớn steer, tapping the left of the to lớn brake and the right side lớn apply nitro. It works very well, but if you want lớn change the controls in Asphalt 7: Heat you can, and there are four systems lớn choose from.

Races in Asphalt 7: Heat are thrilling lớn say the least, & the inclusion of collectible items & insane nitros makes it all the more longmon.vnjoyable. However, driving at high speeds through some of the more elaborate courses can provoke lag at times, & we experilongmon.vnced this a few times testing on the Smartphone HTC Slongmon.vnsation.

Sleek graphics và sound

The range of vehicles you can unloông chồng in Asphalternative text 7: Heat is impressive. Vehicles are tiered in sets of similarly-powered cars, ranging from the likes of the Mini & Range Rover in the first tier, to lớn supercars such as the Ferrari FFX and Bugati Veyron in the upper tier. You can race in the DeLorean from the Baông xã to lớn the Future movies!

Graphically, Asphalt 7: Heat is without doubt the best of the series so far, & the visuals are as good as anything on the Android platsize to date, including Firemint"s Real Racing 2. The cars look awesome, but it"s the backdrops that really take your breath away in Asphalternative text 7: Heat. There are 15 differlongmon.vnt stunningly-recreated đô thị và countryside courses phối in a diverse range of locations including Hawaii, London, Havana, Tokyo, LA, The Alps, and Reykjavik.

The gold standard with these minor flaws, Asphalternative text 7: Heat is up there with the best racing games for Android, thanks to lớn its pristine graphics and huge gameplay.