Artificial academy 2: training


Gain total control over your food photography and create stunning food photos with artificial light.

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Let"s bởi vì this together.

I know that feeling of overwhelm when learning a new skill. You know it will make life SO. MUCH. EASIER. if you can just tackle this one thing. But then your brain starts spinning thinking about the buttons, the settings, the time commitment...ugh.

I feel ya. That"s why I created this course. Iwant khổng lồ fast-trachồng your learning.It"s my personal mission to lớn get students excited khổng lồ be behind the camera & getting creative sầu with artificial light.

This step by step course guides you through all of the essential lessons you need to know khổng lồ get up và running with your artificial lights quickly. AND, if you run inlớn any snags, it comes with personal tư vấn.

I crafted the curriculum so that you can have your lights phối up and rockin" within a weekover. I want you to be able lớn capture awesome images with artificial light right away!

How lớn Enroll

"I haven"t found anything like this course before. I was always so confused about artificial light, how to lớn use it, all the equipment khổng lồ get và how to make it look just as good as my natural photos - Joanie covers all that và more."

Lindsey Eats LA

Let"s tackle all the styles together!

Pro food photographers need to lớn know how lớn create lighting based on the vision of their clients. Food bloggers, similarly, need to lớn be able to lớn capture their signature style. Good news, we cover it all in Artificial Academy so you can be proud of your artificial light images.

Light & Airy

Want lớn create those ethereal images and think it can only be done with natural light? Learn how to lớn get the popular brightglowy look with flashes or LEDs.

Dark và Moody

Or go for those moremoody vibes and learn the methods for playing more intentionally with light and shadows to lớn create stand-out food photos.

Capturing Action

Jump into advanced lessons in the course like capturing action, shooting portraits, shooting in restaurants, working with High Speed Sync andsetting up video clip lighting.


Foodphotographers many times also get called on lớn do sản phẩm photography. Theart of lighting products requires chất lượng skills & knowledge that we cover in three lessons together.

Join the Party

Not only vì chưng you get lifetime access to lớn 30+ video lessons (and all future additions lớn the course!) but we have sầu a private community space inside the br& new Bite Shot Classroom for you lớn ask questions, share photos and connect with other food photographers. It"s our very own platsize, so no Facebookaccount required. Plus, we have sầu a thiết bị di động app, so all of your learning and community access can happen on the go.

"I felt lượt thích Joanie was holding my hvà through the entire process. She doesn"t just give one clear example of how khổng lồ thiết lập your light source, she gives dozens. Joanie explains every move sầu she makes -- whether it"s moving a soft box & speedlite, changing the angle, reflecting light back onto the scene -- it was all so clear. "

Ari Laing of Well Seasoned Studio

What Gear Do I Need?

Chechồng out my Artificial Light Gear Guide for a run down of gear I recommover. Or, even easier, once you join the course, ask for help in our course community space & The Bite Shot team will be happy to lớn help!


"Artificial Academy has been life-changing. I work full-time as an attorney, so prior khổng lồ learning artificial light, I would cram 4 or 5 shoots into every single weekkết thúc. It"s so nice to lớn not be bound by the time constraints natural light poses (especially in the winter time)."

Who"s your instructor?I"m Joanie! Commercial food photographer, YouTube creator and enthusiasticeducator.

I love sầu artificial light andshoot with it 99% of the time.As a self-proclaimed control freak, the predictability of artificial light makes it an indespensable tool in my studio. But, more importantly, I find a lot of creative freedom in artificial lights.

Prior khổng lồ my career as a food photographer, I spent a decade working as a trainer and educator on college campuses. It"s a privilege to get to combine my passions for photography and teaching together in this course.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing students master a new skill...except for maybe mint chocolate chip ice cream How to lớn Enroll








What EXACTLY are we covering? Great question! Here"s the agenda:

The Gear

How lớn Choose the Right Gear for You

Choosing a Modifier

Getting Started with Flash

Flash Settings

Camera Settings for Flash

Setting Up Your Lights

Understanding Flash Exposure

Flash Activity

Getting Started with Continuous Lights

Setting Up your Continuous Lights

Continuous Activity

Understanding & Manipulating Light

The 5 Principles of Light

Applying the Principles of Light with Modifiers

The Principles of Color

The Histogram

Lighting Defined


Side Light

Baông xã Light

Shooting Overhead

Shooting Hi-Key

Shooting Low-Key

Hard Light

Shooting Drinks

Combining Multiple Lights

Shooting Product on Seamless

Shooting Product on Plexiglass

Shooting in Restaurants

Shooting Portraits

Lighting Larger Scenes

Video Lighting

Overhead Food Videos

Talking Head Videos

Kitchen Videos

Advanced Topics

Shooting Action with Flash

High Speed Sync

Creative Màu sắc with Gels

Resources Vault

Assembling và setting up specific lights and modifiers including most popular speed lights, strobes, LEDs & softboxes.

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Comprehensive but concise.

This course is the most comprehensive sầu beginner lighting course for food photography on the internet. Generosity is a core value at The Bite Shot and this course is jam-packed with information và practical lessons.

The secret sauce ofArtificial Academy is that the curriculum has been perfected over the years và is delivered in a format that"s easy khổng lồ understand & put into lớn practice right away.

Having personally purchased too many courses that overpromised và underdelivered, I"m on a mission to prove sầu that an online course can be better than in person và help put you in control of your food photography lighting.

How to lớn Enroll
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is looking to start using artificial light into lớn their food photography. Food bloggers, commercial photographers, và product photographers hóa trang the majority of students in the course.

Who is this course NOT for?

Experienced photographers who are already using artificial lighting. Though some benefit can be gleaned, it"s probably not enough khổng lồ be worth the time & financial investment as the lessons are geared toward those who are just starting out with artificial light.

Are there pre-requisites?

Yep! You will need lớn understvà how khổng lồ operate a camera in manual mode in order to lớn get the most out of the course. If you need lớn learn manual, kiểm tra out thisvideo clip playdanh mục on YouTubeor join my Beginner Bootcamp course.

How much time commitment is required for the course?

The total course includes34 instructional videos, all approximately 8 -trăng tròn minutes in length. However, the core of the course is less than two hours. Many students complete this first section in one day andfind themselves creating great shots within the same day.

How much does it cost?

Starting March 2021, the course will be $299. There will also be a payment plan option of three payments of $1đôi mươi.

Do I need khổng lồ purchase lighting gear before I start the course?

It"s totally up to you. Some students can"t wait lớn get their gear & buy it right away. Others prefer lớn wait until they"ve watched through the first units in the course so they feel more confident in their gear purchases. Either way,I"m here khổng lồ help answer questions about gear before you purchase it và help make sure you"re making a good investment based on your needs.

Is it only for food photographers or can other photographers benefit?

The nội dung is created specifically with food photography in mind and all demonstrations are relevant lớn the experience of a commercial or editorial food photographer.

Is it only for US students or does the material apply internationally?

This coursehas been enjoyed by students around the globe!

How long can I access the course materials?

You have sầu lifetime access khổng lồ all course materials, videos and the online community. Plus, you also will receive any future updates & additions lớn the course for your one-time purchase.

What if I need help & want khổng lồ ask questions?

We"re here lớn help! In addition khổng lồ being able to post questions in the community Activity Feed inside the course (not a Facebook group) where I personally answer questions, you"re invited lớn attend xuất hiện Office Hours with me, an opportunity khổng lồ chat in real time over Zoom. Times và dates vary in order to accommodate different time zones.

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Is there a money-bachồng guarantee?

You bet! If for any reason you find that this course will not enable you to learn artificial lighting for food photography, notify me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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