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Verdict from 100+ users

The Adidas EQT Support ADV, the revamped version of 1991"s iconic EQT ADV silhouette, befits the "wear all day" mô tả tìm kiếm. Case in point: this affordable running-inspired mã sản phẩm from Adidas delivers enduring comfort with captivating aesthetics to lớn match. There"s also its lightness and premium craftsmanship being on the same cấp độ as the shoe"s lasting durability.


All-day comfortThrough-the-roof stylishnessFor thrifty Adidas fansColorways galoreHigh-unique materialsLightweightTough against wear and tear



Who should NOT buy it

If you"re looking for something more glove-lượt thích but not tight, kiểm tra out the form-fitting Adidas Haiwee instead. You also might be better off sporting the Puma RS-X if you lượt thích shoes with removable footbeds.


Mighty comfy throughout the day

A majority of reviewers say that the Adidas EQT Support ADV delivers all-day comfort. They liên kết this màn chơi of plushness mainly lớn the shoe"s comfy Ortholite sockliner.


EQT Support ADV: Advanced toughness

Numerous individuals applaud the durability of this pair. They say it can withstvà wear & tear lượt thích a champ.


Appealing to lớn a fault

Many owners applaud the shoe"s modern và stylish appeal. They recommover the EQT Support ADV highly because of this alone.


Fans of extra-thiông chồng socks beware

Online purchasers complain about the narrow fit of the Adidas EQT Support ADV.


Adidas EQT Support ADV equals excellent workmanship

The high-quality materials used in the Adidas Originals EQT Support ADV are quite impressive sầu to scores of reviewers.

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Drag-miễn phí steps

Many sneakerheads commkết thúc the lightness of the EQT Support ADV by Adidas.


A footbed that won"t budge

A critic does not like the shoe"s non-removable insole. Your thicker third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ footbed might make things even more restrictive for you.


Available in tons of hues

A wide range of colorways awaits those who would check out this pair.


The Adidas EQT Support AVD in history

Adidas was in near bankruptcy during the "80s. They thought of coming up with something fresh to help them get baông chồng into lớn the leading edge. The Three Stripes brand conceptualized and created a thiết kế that holds just the essentials. This decision gave rise to lớn the well-celebrated Equipment line released in 1991.

The EQT line consists of products with high-grade construction, performance, and comfort màn chơi. The EQT was the first Adidas line that dropped the iconic Trefoil biểu tượng logo và substituted it with the 3-Stripes. The first releases of the EQT line were in the green-white-black colorway.

In 1991, the original Equipment ADV (Advanced) was released, featuring the Torsion giải pháp công nghệ. This tech allows the foot to move in different directions with enhanced security & ease. The EQT ADV mix the bar higher in the running category during that time.

Twenty-five sầu years later, Adidas released a reimagined iteration of the classic EQT ADV. Adidas used innovative sầu technologies khổng lồ keep up with the modern needs of buyers & named it the Adidas EQT Support ADV. The Adidas women’s and men’s EQT Support ADV fashion sneaker was released in năm 2016, sporting a knit upper & TPU overlays for extra support and comfort.