Before starting this life-changing journey, I have to lớn admit that I too typed in google the benefits of nofap after 90 days.

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There is nothing wrong with being curious to know what we are going to get on this path.


I watched videos after videos và read articles after articles to have a svào reason to start my journey.

The problem with most of those articles and youtube videos talked about giả benefits like superhuman strength, ultimate happiness, ultimate productivity, and all other ultimate benefits you can imagine.

Some of the contents are true, & because of those realistic expectations, I am sitting today on day 90 & writing this article.

This article is based on the benefits I receive & the comtháng benefits that multiple people reported in the online community.

I hope this article helps you with your nofap journey.

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I'm in.
Thank you!

You are added lớn the community of longmon.vn. 


1. Productivity 

This is the biggest reason I started nofap three months baông xã. I still rethành viên the day when I cried myself to lớn sleep every night. 

I knew I was losing time và focus and had to bởi something urgently because I was at the bottom of my life.

I was struggling financially, emotionally, physically, & mentally. I know what I wanted to vì chưng in life, but I couldn’t do it for some reason.

I know I wanted to become a novecác mục, & for that, I have to lớn write, read, and vị whatever else is necessary khổng lồ survive my dream. 

But, whenever I sit on my study table to write or open a book to lớn read, I can’t continue it for more than a minute.

There was this suppressed negative feeling or, in other words, a resistance I felt that stopped me from progressing in my goals.

There was no joy in working, no passion, và love in my soul, which frustrated me for a long time. 

I couldn’t enjoy anything that I did, và the more frustrated và depressed I became, the more I started watching porn. 

Once I started nofap, my productivity changed. 

Within three months of nofap, I started my self-help blog, wrote three short stories, one got published, currently working on my novel, and started my freelancing business.

My whole day is usually booked, và I became 1000 times busier than earlier, và not only because I want to achieve sầu my goals; in fact, I don’t concentrate on goals anymore; I just love sầu the process now.