1506 MHz engine cloông chồng in OC mode for outstanding 1080p gaming experience.

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DirectCU II with Patented Wing-Blade 0dB Fans for 30% cooler and 3X quieter FanConnect features 4-pin GPU-controlled header connected to lớn system fans for optimal cooling.Industry Only Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power nguồn II delivers premium quality & the best reliability.

Xem thêm: #1 : 10 Game Kinh Dị Nhẹ Cho Pc Cấu Hình Yếu Bạn Nên Trải Nghiệm Aura Sync for perfect RGB LED synchronization.GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster provides intuitive sầu performance tweaking và real-time streaming.NVIDIA ANSEL for a revolutionary new way lớn capture in-game screenshots.NVIDIA GameWorks™ provides an interactive & cinematic experience, as well as incredibly smooth gameplay.

Recommended Award

At the kết thúc of the day the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti STRIX 4GB is a magnificent graphics thẻ that should give sầu you reliable performance for years to come.


Worth Considering

“If you really must have a 4GB graphics card with Nvidia features such as G-Sync và ShadowPlay, the STRIX GTX 1050 Ti OC is a premium option in the GTX 1050 Ti range that uses a superb cooler & svào build quality.”



“The cheapest route to lớn decent 1080p gaming performance, with loads of overclocking headroom on the right cards…”


Best Value 2017

定位在中階的GTX 1050 Ti顯示卡,受益於Pascal核心的性能優勢,效能表現輕鬆虐掉原本相同定位GTX 750 Ti、GTX 950,超頻版設定多數測試也都能有接近GTX 960表現,市場價位也越來越漂亮, STRIX-GTX1050TI-O4G-GAMING 採用全新 Pascal 架構也確實將顯示卡的表現再次推升。


Excellent Award

Thanks lớn the so-called 0dB mode, the fans stop when the card is not under full load, making it completely silent when non-intensive sầu. Editor"s Choice. Best Product

The tested Strix GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics thẻ demonstrated an excellent performance. In nominal mode is works at a high factory overclocking, and this model claims to lớn be the fastest among mỏi the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti cards we tested. The Choice of Overclockers STRIX GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING OC certainly worth considering if you have targeted the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti category. This is a worthy flagship hàng hóa with a corresponding price tag.


A placa traz um projeto muito lớn bom com sistema de cooler com 2 FANs, backplate e alimentador de energia de 6 pinos, além de um pequeno LED na parte superior.

Super ergonomics

It"s hard lớn have any objections to lớn the cooling system for the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Strix OC

Techporn Gold Award

Having the Strix GTX 1050 Ti OC tested allows us khổng lồ see the capabilities of the GP107 GPU. This card shines the most at 1080Phường., featuring performance beyond 60 FPS on most of the titles tested. Still, demanding AAA titles such as The Witcher 3 requires you lớn tone down the settings. The GTX 1050 Ti, though may not look like it – is actually capable of butter smooth 1440P. gaming. eSport titles such as Overwatch, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, và other games with similar graphics fidelity are just able lớn push more than 60 frames per second with this thẻ.

8/10 HWM Silver

"The longmon.vnStrix GeForceGTX 1050 Timight be a bitpricey due lớn itslineage, but itis a decent cardfor those whoare looking toplay at 1080pwith medium orhigh settings."

HWM 8/10 Silver Award

In terms of sheer numbers, the Strix GTX 1050 Ti outperforms the GTX 960 by a small margin. They are almost neck-to-neông xã in some games but the 4GB of GDDR5 RAM in the 1050 Ti brings on more performance when it comes khổng lồ VRAM heavy games such as GTA V when all the settings are turned khổng lồ the max.

Best Cooling

Hãng GTX 1050 Ti Strix is a great thẻ with a great cooler. It offers a near-to-2K performance in perfect silence.

Dead Silent

Hãng GTX 1050 Ti Strix is a great card with a great cooler. It offers a near-to-2K performance in perfect silence.

Good Design

Outstanding in thermal thiết kế cool n" quiet, You can enjoy your gaming experience as well.